What Type Of Bath Should You Get For Your Bathroom?

Bathtub Design For Your Bathroom update 2022
Writen by Bertram Gift | October 12, 2022

It might be contentious to decide whether to incorporate a bath into a bathroom. It's a fixture that some people hardly ever use because they'd rather prefer the shower. Others view it as a necessity, particularly for families with small children. Here are some recommendations for selecting the ideal bath for your bathroom.

A bath can be included or excluded depending on space, lifestyle, and financial constraints.

A freestanding bath will normally cost more than a built-in bath, but it is a fashionable feature that can instantly update a bathroom. If you decide to sell your house in the future, it could increase in value.

There are several solutions to think about that might work with your layout if you decide against incorporating a bath into your bathroom.

Decina offers a choice of bathtub shapes to choose from and was shortlisted in the House of Home's best bathtub awards for 2018.

You must be aware of the many styles to select the ideal bath for your bathroom.

Consider these eight baths for your bathroom.

Freestanding Bath

The freestanding bath, which is popular in design, establishes a focal point in the bathroom. These baths can be built anywhere. However, there must be enough room around the bath for cleaning. It is recommended to leave a 150–300 mm gap around the bath to enable easy access in case anything falls in. You should also vacuum and mop the area around the bath.

Freestanding bathtubs can be found in a range of sizes and shapes to match the design of your bathroom. Although black freestanding baths are uncommon, they can add character to a simple bathroom. White is preferred. A black freestanding bath looks fantastic with matte black tapware. To create a unified look, you can match the black shower faucets to the bathroom.

Freestanding Claw Foot Bath

A beautiful piece of décor that can be added to any place in the bathroom is a freestanding claw-foot bath. They will need the same amount of room as above because they are frequently placed against a wall. Heritage-style bathrooms are better suited for freestanding clawfoot bathtubs.

Traditional claw-foot bathtubs are frequently made of steel or iron, which may make them rather chilly to the touch. While they can be very pricey and look amazing in bathrooms, the floor must be able to hold their weight.

Freestanding Bath with Back to Wall or Back to Corner

The ideal choice will be a back-to-wall freestanding bath or a back-to-corner type if your bathroom is small but you still adore the standalone appeal.

There is no need to worry about leaving room around the edge of the bath because these bathtubs will back up against the tiled wall. Decina corner baths and back-to-wall baths contain a tile bead that allows them to be checked into a tiled wall, forming a water-tight seal all the way around. The wall behind the bath must be waterproofed if it is not checked into the wall.

If the room is restricted, the corner freestanding bath's ability to butt back into a corner can be a sensible choice. The corners of the Natalia 1500 Back to Corner Freestanding bath can be used to display things or put things away.

Inset Bath

You most certainly used an inset bath when you were a child. It has been updated with added length and a selection of shapes. The inset bath has a tile bead around the edges, so it can be built into a tiled wall. This creates a watertight seal around the sides and leaves no gaps, making it ideal for shower-over-bath combinations in small bathrooms.

Island Bath

An island bath is a bathtub that is constructed similarly to an inset bath, but it can be placed anywhere in the bathroom or set away from the wall on its own. If your bathroom area is large enough, it might serve as an island focal point in the room, as its name suggests. This particular bathroom design will have a tiled ledge around the edge. This ledge is perfect for holding toys, serving as seating (excellent for parents of young children! ), or displaying candles and other items to create a stylish environment.

Shower Bath Combo

Combining a shower and a bath offers the best of both worlds if your bathroom is too small for both. Inset baths, like the Modena, which is wider at one end and features an anti-slip design on the entry and exit zone, are the most widely used baths for shower and bath combos. A glass panel shower screen can also be added.

The area available and how the fixture will be used will determine which bath choice is best for this design. For instance, a smaller inset bath like the Azzuro may be sufficient if the bath is only used to bathe small children.

Spa Bath

Many people want bathrooms that feel like day spas. Hydrotherapy can be provided to homeowners in their bathrooms by adding a spa bath. A spa bath can be beneficial, and bathrooms are spaces for relaxation.

Spa baths aren't the corner tubs they formerly were, which took up a lot of room in the bathroom. Depending on what would fit inside your regulated space for a bath, they are available in freestanding or built-in alternatives. Your spa bath can be made to order by Decina.

Bath Material

Bathtubs are typically made of steel or acrylic. Inset baths made of pressed metal can be less expensive than those made of acrylic. Although both materials are strong, steel resists scratches better. Because acrylic maintains heat better, it's a great material to soak in. The material you select for your bath will depend on cost and aesthetic preference.

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