Interior Design Ideas For The Home

Interior Design Ideas update 2022
Writen by Jarod Mealer | August 18, 2022

Today, you are joining me on a brand new design hacks article, it is a top 10 interior design ideas for your home. The design hacks series has been developed for everyone who wants quick, simple, easy, effective interior design tips that you can implement right now in your home.

Focus On The Big Picture

Tip one is to focus on the big picture. In the bedroom, it's all about the bed, the nightstands, the dresser if you have room for it, and the lighting. In the living room, it's about your sofa or sectional, your fabulous coffee table, and some accent chairs.

Oftentimes, people get too hung up on the styling and decorative objects that they miss the big picture entirely. Prioritizing the items you see first and use most often will make the next move so much easier to style and finesse.

Layer On The Textiles

The next step is to layer on the textiles. Now comes the next steps in design and decoration, it's laying on all of those beautiful textiles. We're talking about rugs, bedding, pillows, and throws. in the bedroom, it's all about the foundation, it's the bedding.

Understand How The Textile Performs

It's not enough to layer on your textiles, but you need to understand how your textiles perform. When choosing fabrics, look for performance-based blends, a combination of natural fibers and artificial fibers.

This combination makes the fabric more durable, flexible, and easier to clean. Combining fabrics also allows manufacturers to create just about any color in any kind of texture. How a fabric maintains, its weave, how it wears, how comfortable it is, and how much it costs are all major factors in deciding whether or not it's the right fit for your space.

I know there are a million and one choices for choosing the right textile for your bed, bedding, or sofa. So here's a tip, choose a material that adds coziness, comfort, and a little bit of contrast.

Create Some Contrast and Contradiction

The next interior design tip is to create some contrast and contradiction with color, pattern, and texture. Think about the colors you're inspired by and change it up twice a year and see how that simple and slight change can help elevate, the ambiance, and uplift your mood as a result.

If your bedroom has light walls, add some dark bedding accessories or a patterned rug. If you have dark matte walls as I did, look to create dynamic contrasts with slightly reflective sateen bedding. The magic of design is in how elements vibrate against each other and create synergy.

Think light and airy materials like linens, basket weave, and waffle weave for summer. During the wintertime, you can change it up to lux and heavy knits like wool, cashmere, and faux furs.

Unity and Grouping

The next step is unity and grouping. Create a visual statement by grouping like objects together. This could be in your living room with a unity of shapes a curved sofa with a round coffee table finished off with drum table lamps.

Here the circular shape unifies the space and allows it to act as a whole. This could be on your kitchen walls with open shelving to display dishware, glassware, and special ceramics or pottery in similar colors. Consider a collection of your favorite family photographs strong down a narrow hallway to help carry the eyes down the corridor. Find similar objects to group together and use just enough visual contrast in height, color, or texture to add interest and intrigue.

Add a Surprise Element

The next interior design tip for your home is to add a surprise element or two or three. What surprises are in store for the guests once they enter your home? This can only be done by you the homeowner. Not what trends predict, deem stylish, or passe. Your home should feel exciting, unpredictable, and most importantly inspiring so you have something wondrous to come home to after a long day of work.

Bring The Outside In

The next interior design tip is to bring the outside in. In the literal sense, this could be an assortment of lush greenery, fresh flowers, and indoor potted plants that use scatter strategically throughout your space. If you don't have a green thumb, you can also introduce elements of nature inside by hanging artwork depicting your favorite landscape scene.

Think picturesque, scenes of the desert, the ocean, the mountains, rivers, and lakes. The more connected you feel to the art piece, the more it will feel like a natural extension of the outdoors.

The Great Purge

The next step is all about the great purge. It's about editing what you don't like in your space. I make it a habit to go through my space, room by room, and purge out the things that don't necessarily vibe with my style and aesthetic.

Not only does this step help you weed out those items that you only have lukewarm feelings for. It will really help you to find and edit your personal style, so it's reflected in your

personal space.

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