Painting Interior Brick Wall Ideas

Brick Wall Kitchen update 2022
Writen by Chang Chagolla | August 14, 2022

Today, we are talking about the best painting interior brick wall ideas. What about exterior brick? What are some really beautiful colors to pair with an exterior brick if you have that on your facade? Well, you're in luck, not only does this article brick down all the tints, the tones, the hues, all of those colors that pair perfectly with natural red brick.

We're not only talking about exteriors, we're moving into the inside of your home as well. If you currently have a raw natural unfinished red brick in your home and you're wondering what colors pair beautifully with it, this article is for you. I'll be bricking down this article into three main sections.

First, we're going to tackle the interiors. We're going to take a look at interior spaces that feature brick walls. Next, we're moving on to cabinetry and I'll be sharing my favorite cabinet colors to pair with brick. Then we move on to those brick fireplaces.

Interior Walls

brick wall living room kitchen update 2022

Let's talk about those interior spaces. Natural materials look best paired with the natural finish of raw unfinished red brick. From a stone fireplace to a copper hood, from distressed wood beam ceilings to reclaimed wood-paneled walls, look at the colors found in nature to inspire the color of paint or stain on your walls.

Red brick is such a bold statement in itself, so you're looking to move away from those red sunset hues like golds and oranges into cooler tones to bring out the natural beauty of unfinished brick. With this in mind, you want to look for cooler whites, cool titns like blues grays, and greens, and of course, you know how I love to add black access to modernize any interior space.


dark kitchen cabinet brick wall update 2022

What if the brick is only installed somewhere in the kitchen where it has become a feature wall instead? In this case, you might already have your color picked out but need to find something equally as special as the brick for your cabinets. You could go bold with highly pigmented, dark moody hues in the blue gray-green, and black family.

A designer's tip when going dark and bold with cabinetry is to make sure there's high contrast in the form of a white countertop or light backsplash. Doing so will allow the space to feel light and bright instead of too dark and too cold. By definition, brick has the capacity to warm up a space as simply by the color alone. But, strategic design moves like bringing in more contrasting paint pairings can help modernize it and make it feel current yet timeless.

Fireplace Surround

fireplace brick wall update 2022

The most common place in your home where you would find raw natural brick is on the fireplace. You might be dealing with just a simple hearth surround or your condition could be a bit more challenging with a floor-to-ceiling natural brick elevation. Whether you want to play up the feature or tone it down, make that design decision early on to help you select the perfect cue for your space.

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