How To Design Your Dream Walk-In Closet

Best Walk In Closet update 2022
Writen by Scotty Faler | July 31, 2022

Are you the type of person who can never keep your closet tidy? Did you know that the correct way is to store and organize your garments and accessories to prolong their lifespan? If you didn't, you guys are in luck with this article for you. My channel and you. Today, I am your closet organization guru.

In this article, you will learn how to design the closet, does it meet zones, and maximize every square inch so you don't waste space. I will teach you my pro tips for storage and organization. The correct pieces for proper care and hanging over your garments and even helpful home hacks when it comes to interior closet design. All you need to do is follow the 6 simple steps to achieve the closet of your dreams. Are you ready?

walk in closet update 2022

The master bedroom closet wasn't large enough to fit all of my clothes. I converted the guest room into my boutique. I used a combination of a Home Depot DIY closet system, IKEA Billy bookcases, and antique furniture for a stylish yet functional. Mix for blouses and tops, slim velvet hangers keep garments secure, so they won't slip off.

Knits and sweaters must always be folded. When you keep them on hangers, they sag over time. Pants and trousers should be hung straight with slack hangers that have clips on them. Skirts and dress shirts can be hung on hangers. I love this 4 tier skirt hanger. Not only does it maximize space, but it also allows me to see all similar items at one time. Every closet needs an ottoman to sit and put on shoes. It's a perfect place to throw garments after trying them on.

walk in closet ideas update 2022

Install a Closet System to Group Items

Step one is to install a closet system, so you can group similar items. Typical closets have a single rod but you can easily go to your local hardware store and purchase a DIY closet kit. So you can create secondary rods and shelving for all of your needs.

Organize Items by Color, Type, and Style

The second step is organizing your garments by color type and style. You guys can see that I am like the queen of color. I always wake up and figure out what kind of mood is in my head. So that's when I know do I feel like black, do I feel like whites, I group them according to color first. Then, I separate them according to style short sleeve, long sleeve, and typically seasonal type.

So, my tank kind of stayed together, my long sleeve stayed together, and the colors are always coordinated. It makes dressing up in the morning so easy. This method will help you to define your wish list, in case you don't already have it. Seeing similar items right next to each other, you're probably thinking like do I need another black velvet blazer? Group them by color and style, so you know what you need and what you do not.

Organize Garments Into Rows

Step three is the organize your garments into rows. Typical closets only have a single rod, but did you know that you can easily purchase a double rod? The double rod will hang directly on your upper rod and maximize every square inch of vertical height. Doubling a space for less than $20.

Use Similar Hangers for a Consistent Look

Step 4 is to use similar hangers for a consistent look. Invest in slim velvet hangers for tops to keep the look consistent and streamlined. Bonus points for anti-slipping features perfect for your silks, satins, and chemicals. They're not the most heavy-duty hangers but 15 Bucks a pop for the three-five pack. You can afford to replace them as needed. I use basic walnut wooden hangers for my coats and jackets since they're heavier. They're all available at the Container Store.

closet system home depot update 2022

Keep Seasonal Items Stored Away

Step 5 Keep your seasonal items hidden away. In a cabinet or boxes for future use. Stores these little hats, large handbags, and other items you don't use daily on the uppermost shelf of your closet. Since these items don't get regular use, I like to place them in plain sight but out of rotation. I also keep a handy footstool and ladder tough decision for these hard-to-reach areas. My favorite ones are from the world market in an assortment of fun colors and cool textures to match our closet.

Use a Garment Rack for Your Favorite Items on Rotation

Step 6 is to use of free-standing garment rack to highlight all your favorite looks for the season. Don't you want to walk into your closet and love everything that you wear? Every season I get rid of items that I can't fit or don't flatter me or I haven't worn in a year or doesn't have any sentimental value.

Here are some tips for you to take away from this article. To prolong the lifespan of your garments, use the correct hangers or none at all know, which pieces need to be hung, which need to be folded display in-season, on-trend items, and keep those out-of-season items stored away. You absolutely must have a place to sit. Whether or not it's an ottoman, a stool, or a chair. Just something to throw clothes to try on neatly in one spot. So, putting them back because a quickie two-minute pickup game instead of a chore that takes you all afternoon to do.

It does help to physically see everything you own. No more digging through clothes in a forgotten corner and a pile in your bedroom. No one wishes you had something to wear when everything's laid out front and center.

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